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WOSU Public Media

Learning Objects

Lessons in Matter and Energy is a series of eight learning modules that demonstrate physical science concepts and phenomena. Accompanying each module is a Teacher's Guide, on video, and a set of assessment tools which include suggested tasks to test comprehension, a scoring rubric and a student booklet.

Swamps and Such explores The Ohio State University Olentangy River Wetlands and Research Park to demonstrate the structure and functions of ecosystems and how ecosystems change over time.


Penn State Public Broadcasting

K-12 Learning Objects

The collection "Liquid Assets" consists of five videos and one lesson plan. More

"Explore Materials" expanded its overall collection with two videos and four lesson plans. More

Five learning object packages were created from the WPSU series "Outside" as part of the Open Education Resources collection on Teachers' Domain.

Choosing a STEM Career includes a Lesson Plan and 8 short video clips. Within this collection, students will view video clips about graduate and middle school students with interests in STEM careers and compare technologies from yesterday with today. They will explore careers on-line before writing about their futures as STEM professionals.

Physics Collection
Eight physics learning object packages were created on topics ranging from kinematics to the seasons.

Gamma Ray Burst Detectives
This interactive resource invites students to join a NASA mission to find the source of gamma ray bursts, the single biggest explosions in the Universe since the Big Bang. The web site features an animation with characters who present background on gamma ray bursts, information on the energy potential of three possible star sources in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the option to check yes or no for each star and receive feedback.

Deep Time
In this video a Penn State professor refers to National Park canyons carved out by water and wind as he explains "deep time" - the notion that the earth is billions of years old; another professor states how the theory of evolution is supported by evidence of an ancient Earth recorded in rocks.

Geospatial Revolution Project
The Geospatial Collection on Teachers' Domain consists of digital learning objects -- videos and interactives -- that introduce students to the history and definition of GIS (geographic information systems), why GIS is influential in our society, and what career paths might be available to them in this field.

At the Library

What A Treasure
The children's book What A Treasure written by Jane Hillenbrand and illustrated by Will Hillenbrand is Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child 2010 selection. The colorful picture book for children 3 to 6 follows Mole as he digs and digs, discovering treasures for his animal friends and himself in his backyard. In this video Will Hillenbrand models how to read a picture book to preschoolers with great warmth and expression.

A Splendid Friend, Indeed
The fictional children's book A Splendid Friend, Indeed written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom is Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child 2007 selection. A child-like Goose pesters his fuzzy friend the Polar Bear as he tries to read and write. After Goose brings Bear a snack, a blanket and a note, Bear is touched, and realizes what a good friend Goose is. Bear gives Goose a big hug before they sit down for a snack.

Up Down and Around
Written by Katherine Ayres and illustrated by Nadine Bernard Westcott, Up Down and Around is Pennsylvania's One Book, Every Young Child 2008 selection. The book is a short rhyming, read-aloud story that contains facts and true information about vegetables, bugs and gardens and lends itself to a variety of activities.