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Goals of the Project

WOSU, WPSU, and WPT are three university licensee stations serving unique and different markets including urban environments, rural communities and a statewide network.  Through traditional and new media, we convey the activities of our major land grant universities that rank in the top tier of research institutions in the United States.  Our intent is to offer the results of the University Place project to other stations as content contributors or as users of content.

The University Place project is a next step in the progression of Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) supported projects aimed at strengthening public broadcasting's connections to American universities in service to our audience. It is the result of research and collaboration supported by CPB over the last ten years through Reforging and Evolving the Links, Partners in Public Service, and Engaging Faculty in a Digital Future. University Place takes our results to the next level by providing our audiences new access to university-generated ideas, services, research and support.

The goals of the University Place project are support for collaboration amongst WPT, WOSU, and WPSU to build a sustainable University Place and to invite other television stations to either participate in or replicate the project. Together the partners have generated:

  • Production standards
  • Special collections of content related to PreK-12, health and compelling local/global issues designed for multiple platforms (e.g., a locally-branded broadcast service, web-based delivery through searchable digital libraries, and Video On Demand (VOD))
  • A content sharing portal that will allow university licensees and other public television stations to search, access, and contribute content