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University Partners

Few content sources have the breadth and the depth of a university. The challenge for a producer, frequently, is finding the best fit among multiple university resources available for a given project. The possibilities are enormous for first sources and nearly limitless for secondary sources and beyond. As in any enterprise, the hunt for the most prolific content source begins with the purpose of the project or production.

For university licensee stations, partnerships are important to ensure that educational content is generated from reliable, reputable academic sources. The cooperation and collaboration of an established partnership means improved trust, communication and improved agreement on goals. A partnership also increases the opportunities for future shared projects.

WPT's partnerships with University of Wisconsin (UW) departments and divisions are essential to WPT's University Place broadcast series. Over 75% of the hundreds of lectures and events taped for University Place, involved the UW either as event organizer or faculty presenter. UW departments and faculty recognize the benefits of informing statewide residents about UW research and events using television broadcast and web delivery via WPT, and now even contact WPT with ideas for events to tape for University Place. WPT cannot be at every UW event around the state, so all 26 campuses are encouraged to contribute their own taped lectures and events for University Place broadcast and web delivery. Acquisition of content taped by partners is one strategy for sustaining WPT's University Place. Guidelines are provided to all partners wishing to contribute: (WPT University Place Partner Taping Guidelines - Word doc)


Tips for identifying and recruiting university partners:

  • Look for popular and well-attended live public events around campus.
  • Look for regular series of lectures or events.
  • Look for organizations or departments with a history of reputable speakers.
  • Explain the benefits of increased audience/exposure via television broadcast and the web.
  • Make contact with campus deans and department heads.
  • Give viewership and web hit numbers, if available.
  • Provide examples of positive viewer feedback.
  • Encourage, and offer to train, campuses and departments to tape their own lectures and events for use on University Place.


Examples of programs resulting from university partnerships:

  • Highlighting significant developments in research at universities.
    Example: Virtual Surgery
  • Leveraging already scheduled presentations in areas that have an immediate connection to current issues and interests.
    Example: Conversations
    Example: Climate Change
  • Videotaping scheduled lectures and events that are evergreen and appeal to general audiences.
    Example: WPT University Place
  • Producing studio-based interview program featuring university faculty, staff, authors and artists.
    Example: University Place Presents
  • Creating content focused on the priority areas of agriculture, energy, technology, health and the environment.
    Example: Cooperative Extension segments